Retro Reflectometer for Road Marking Paints

Model: LTL3500,
Make: Delta-Denmark

Robust and Easy to operate

Standards: EN 1436, ASTM E-1710, ASTM E-2177, ASTM E-2302, ASTM 2367


  • To measure RL (nighttime visibility) and Qd (daytime visibility) under dry and wet conditions as-well-as under continuous wetting (only RL )
  • Nighttime chromaticity coordinates (x,y) according to ASTM E 2367 and CIE 1931.
  • Extendable handle to ensure ergonomic and convenient working position to suit all user types
  • Big bright LED color touch display
  • GNSS positioning with integrated GPS. Data presentation in Google Earth
  • Camera for overview of markings with resolution of 5 megapixels (2592 x 1944 pixels)


Latest generation Retroreflectometer for measuring retroreflection of road markings paints, to check their effectiveness for nighttime visibility for road and airport markings complying with IRC-35 (2015).


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