Retro Reflectometer for Road Marking Paints

Make: Delta-Denmark

Robust and Easy to operate

Standards: EN 1436, ASTM E-1710, ASTM E-2177, ASTM E-2302, ASTM 2367


  • To measure RL (nighttime visibility) and Qd (daytime visibility) under dry and wet conditions as-well-as under continuous wetting (only RL )
  • Nighttime chromaticity coordinates (x,y) according to ASTM E 2367 and CIE 1931.
  • Big bright LED color touch display
  • GNSS positioning with integrated GPS. Data presentation in Google Earth



Latest generation Retroreflectometer for measuring retroreflection of road markings paints, to check their effectiveness for nighttime visibility for road and airport markings complying with IRC-35 (2015).


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