STX-2000 Extra Large Scale Dynamic Stress Path Soil Triaxial System

  • Electro-Hydraulic digital servo control
  • 1,000 mm Specimen Diameter
  • Axial loads up to 3,000 kN
  • Cell Pressures up to 3,000 kPa
  • Direct servo control of stress, strain (axial, radial, volumetric, etc. ) or any other calculated variable
  • Dynamic compaction frame with 200 kN load capacity and frequencies from 0 to 100 Hz


The STX-2000 triaxial testing system is intended for performing tests on soils with large particle sizes such as rock backfills and gravely soils. The triaxial cell accepts 1,000 mm diameter samples with heights up to 2,000 mm. This system also provides the necessary versatility to automatically perform conventional triaxial tests as well as advanced procedures such as stress or strain path. In addition the STX2000 has the capability of performing dynamic triaxial tests.


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