Zorn ZFG Light Weight Deflectometer

Light Weight Deflectometer ZFG 3.1 is used to determine the dynamic defor- mation modulus Evd in MPa [MN/m²] by means of the dynamic plate load test.

Test results provide conclusions on the bearing capacity and compaction qua- lity of soils. The main field of application for LWDs is earthworks in transport infrastruc- ture construction. Further applications are soil investigation and landscaping.


  • Integrated WIFI transmit- ter for wireless, fast and secure transmission of measurement data from ZFG to Smartphone, Tablet or PC • Optional high-precision GPS/GNSS receiver • Automatic calculation of deflection, s/v value and deformation modulus Evd
  • Load device with 10 kg drop weight, impact load 7.07 kN, measuring range Evd 15-70 MPa (MN/m²) • Ready for optional load device with 15 kg drop weight and 1.5 times impact load (10.605 kN); measuring range Evd 70-105 MPa (MN/m²)


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