AIR/W Air transfer analysis

Air transfer analysis
AIR/W is a powerful finite element software product for modeling air transfer in mine waste and other porous media. AIR/W can be used to model a range of scenarios, from simple single phase air transfer problems to complex coupled air-water systems.
The true power of AIR/W is unlocked when it is coupled with TEMP/W to model forced-convection heat flow and density-dependent air flow. This type of analysis is important for studying mine closure, acid rock drainage, or gas transfer.


Density Dependent Air Flow

AIR/W can be integrated with TEMP/W to model air transfer via free convection. Density-driven air transfer is often a dominant mechanism in systems subjected to seasonal ground temperature variations.

Estimate Material Properties

The air conductivity function can be generated based on the dry-soil air conductivity, a user-selected volumetric water content function, and basic soil properties, such as soil classification or grain size distribution.

Forced-Convection Heat Transfer

Combine AIR/W with TEMP/W to model forced-convection heat transfer. This process often governs the thermal regime in coarse-grain materials such as waste rock piles, rip-rap, and layered embankments.

Single or Dual Phase Flow

Air transfer analyses can be conducted using a single phase material model that only considers pressure and gravity-driven air flow. Alternatively, a dual phase material model can be used by coupling air flow and water transfer.


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