Concrete Crack Data Logger, Wifi

The HC-2956 wireless crack data logger provides a method to monitor cracks and linear displacements in concrete structures, featuring an integrated data logger, which measures both displacement and ambient temperature. This crack detector measures cracks by using a rotary, precision potentiometer, which is driven by the winding/unwinding of a stainless steel wire with an 80mm stroke.



It is also possible to add an extension to the steel cable to monitor cracks over wide expanses or areas that are not readily accessible, such as bridge decks, multi-faceted structures and other hard-to-reach places. The crack detector is configured using a graphic, user interface operating on a Windows® computer.

The HC-2956 downloads data to a PC via a wireless connection using a graphic user interface on a PC computer. Datalogger capacity is: 51062 readings or 18236 readings with redundant CRC, Acquisition frequency is adjustable from 10 seconds to 91 hours. Includes software.


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