H-1351 Semi-Circular Bending (SCB) Head

The H-1351 Semicircular Bend fixture has been designed for use with the AASHTO TP124 and ASTM D8044 test methods. The H-1351 SCB head can be configured in two ways. The first utilizes the upper and lower segments of the breaking head. The lower segment is comprised of a base with two perpendicular guide rods extending vertically and an upper segment mounted to the lower segment by sliding on the vertical guide rods. The holes in the upper segment are lined with brass to reduce binding as it moves up and down the guide rods. In this configuration the upper swivel contact bar is mounted to the upper breaking head segment.


In the second configuration, the upper swivel contact bar is separated from the upper breaking head bar and is mounted directly to the load cell. If using this method, precise alignment can be achieved by using the alignment guide, which is included.

The H-1351 Semicircular Bending Head can be used in conjunction with one of Humboldt’s load frames, such as the HM-5030 Master Loader or HM-5120 Marshall frames. It may also be used with your present load frame, if the frame meets the test’s speed requirements. Humboldt offers additional Data Loggers with instrumentation for data acquisition of the SCB test results using the SCB breaking head when used with your present load frame.


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