H-2781 Air Entrainment Meter, 5L

The H-2781 5 Liter air meter features push-buttons for simple test performance. The meter’s easy-to-use, and extra durable stainless steel clamping system employs four, one-piece, self-locking clamps that quickly seal the lid to the base with proper tension aided by an o-ring to assure a watertight seal. It also features durable, stainless steel handles.



The large, easy-to-read, 4-inch (100mm) dia., heavy-duty, direct percentage gauge with calibration adjustments is accurate to the nearest 0.1%. This gauge is built into the meter’s cover for excellent protection from damage. The meter also features a machined base, which ensures the meter sets level when conducting tests. The air meter includes a calibration kit and operating instructions.


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