H-2786 series Press-Ur-Meter with Plastic Case

This is the original Press-Ur-Meter for field and laboratory tests. This air meter is designed to provide air content and the determination of specific gravity and free moisture of aggregate. Designed to save time, reduce water use, ensure accuracy and maintain sample integrity (sample may also be used for slump and compression tests).



The meter uses brass cover clamps, which can be adjusted for clamping pressure. A large, easy-to-read, 4″ diameter, direct percentage gauge with calibration adjustments is accurate to nearest 0.1%.The H-2786 meter also features the Humboldt, all-brass super pump, the most reliable and highest quality pump available. The meter’s base/bucket can be used as a 0.25 cu. ft. unit weight measure. The kit includes a wood or molded-plastic carrying case; tamping rod; strike-off bar; rubber bulb syringe; aluminum calibration vessel; inside calibration tube, outside calibration tube and operating instructions.


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