Trivue Triple Frequency GPR

The TriVue is a multi frequency Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) system which comprises three bistatic bow tie antennas orientated around an identical common mid-point and housed within a light weight rugged casing.

All of the electronics are contained within the antenna housing. Data is recorded directly on to a rugged laptop, tablet equipped with Windows OS (XP to 10) via wired or wireless network.


An internal Li-Ion battery provides 10 hours of operation with an option of connecting to an external battery if more time is required.

The high pulse repetition frequency coupled with unique stacking functions permit the three independent data sets to be recorded simultaneously without cross talk. The record length for each channel is independently selectable permitting the operator complete control over data acquisition. The intuitive user interface and versatile display tools allow the operator to analyse data quickly and easily in the field and to implement quality control procedures.

The wired network allows the antenna to be up to 250m distant from the data recording device which makes the system uniquely suited to use on otherwise difficult surfaces such as quarry faces or earthen/concrete dams.

The 4 wheeled ruggedised cart provides a robust stable platform for the antenna, allowing it to move freely over uneven ground. Where the surface is so uneven that towing is preferable to pushing, the cart handle can be inverted to allow this. Where the cart is not used, it is possible to fit an odometer wheel on to the antenna.

A built in GPS chip time stamps each trace accurately and provides simple location information. It is possible to link this to an external survey grade GPS in order to integrate accurate positions. The GPS data is recorded directly to a TriVue pcb, avoiding latency at high recording speeds.

With an effective bandwidth of 125MHz to 2GHz, TriVue is ideally suited for utility detection, ground engineering projects, environmental applications, road profiling and railway ballast investigations. The central frequencies of the three antennas, 250MHz, 500MHz and 1GHz, permit detailed analysis of the subsurface simultaneously with investigation at depth.


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