H-2732 Temperature/RH Logger with Probe

These temperature and relative humidity data loggers are housed in a robust, waterproof (IP68-rated) case, which is designed for use in harsh applications like cylinder curing rooms. They are available with an integral, coated RH sensor (H-2736) or with a temperature and relative humidity probe with a 1.5m cable length (H-2732).



The relative humidity probe features a coated RH sensor that shows good resistance to moisture and condensation, ensuring measurement reliability. These data loggers have a high reading resolution and accuracy and provide fast off-load speed and a low battery monitor. Data is downloaded to a computer for viewing, reports and archiving. Data stored on the logger will be retained after a battery is replaced. See tables below for specific logger specifications. Require H-2736.SW software and a download cable for operation. Dimensions: 1.75″ x 2.25″ x 3.15″ (34 x 57 x 80mm)


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