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The CAPO-TEST permits performing pullout tests on existing structures without the need of pre-installed inserts as in the LOK-TEST. CAPO-TEST provides a pullout test system similar to the LOK-TEST system for accurate on-site estimates of compressive strength of the outer 25 mm layer. Procedures for performing post-installed pullout tests, such as CAPO-TEST, are included in ASTM C900 and EN 12504-3.

Typical applications of the CAPO-TEST include the following:

  • Estimating strength of concrete in existing structures as a fast and viable substitute to cores
  • Testing of strength in highly congested reinforcement structures
  • Quality assurance testing of the finished structure cover layer to check especially the curing conditions
  • Verification of in-place strength if the strength of standard-cured specimens fails to meet acceptance criteria
  • Evaluation of fire-damaged structures