ZORN ZFG 3.1 | Light Weight Deflectometer

We are in the midst of an exciting transition from the familiar ZFG 3.0 model to the new generation ZFG 3.1. The ZFG 3.0 Light Weight Deflectometer will continue to be available for a limited time. Please contact your local ZORN partner for more information.



ZFG 3.1 – Light Weight Deflectometer

The current ZFG 3.1 is even easier to handle, lighter and, above all, more convenient than its predecessors. Just like its counterpart ZFG 3000, the intuitive menu navigation of the ZFG 3.1 enables even inexperienced users to safely perform and evaluate the dynamic plate load test. The ZFG 3.1 is an upgrade to the existing ZFG 3.0 and comes up with new, interesting functions.


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