ZORN ZFG software

ZFG software is a Microsoft Windows application for the processing and analysis of measurement data (raw data) generated using a ZORN INSTRUMENTS Falling Weight Deflectometer.



The data transferred using the SD card can be selected by measuring ranges, locations and other requirements even as they are read. The data transferred are labelled and saved in different profiles. Labels once entered are applied automatically during subsequent read processes depending on the profile. The individual deformations and the related measurement curve are shown in a specific colour and as such can be assigned unmistakeably. Records, overviews and statistics including all labels, entries and measurement data can be printed and sent. Your previously added company logo is at the top right of every record.

The “ZORN FG software” developed in-house at ZORN according to customer needs for the Lightweight Deflectometer can be used with the current models and all ZORN Falling Weight Deflectometers from the series ZFG 2000 and ZFG 02 (ZFG 02*, ZFG 2000, ZFG 3000 ECO, ZFG 3000 GPS, ZFG 3.0, ZFG 3.0 GPS).


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